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July 3 2008, 8:27 AM

The wide availability and use of internet services demands that every business, no matter what size, has a presence on the Web.

Individuals and companies use the Internet as a common and cost effective tool to search for their suppliers whether the need is for a service company e.g. a firm of Accountants or Solicitors or a supplier for a major Corporate.

It is essential for any business seeking success to have some presence on the Internet. It is even more important to make sure that the presence is effective in marketing terms e.g. the web site must describe and present you as a professional organization.


Get your website designed professionally at an affordable price:


At TECHNO we will only find very uniquely designed sites in a number of categories including a range of personal web pages, small business web pages, and ecommerce websites. Our technical team can design website that meet your needs. In addition to being one of the quickest ways to build a web page, our TECHNO website service is also one of the most affordable. Our TECHNO web services can truly transform your existing website. We can exclusively develop a website within days, that can put you on the Internet map and could this be the right time for your business take advantage of our services.

With the cost of developing your site this low, who wouldn’t?
Prices start from as low as 100*


A website should include:


>> A description of the organization.

>> Details of products and services provided including photographs, diagrams or graphical representations.

>> The ability for a client to either shop directly from the Web site or at least send an enquiry with details via email.

>> The Web site must be hosted suitably to provide access at any time.


Techno Consultancy (UK) Limited specializes in providing a full Web Design and Hosting solution.


Web Design and Hosting Solutions:


>> Domain Name Sourcing and Registration.

>> Web Design Services.

>> Web Hosting Services.

>> eCommerce Solutions (includes on-line shopping cart).

>> Search Engine Optimisation.


All at a fixed competitive price.

Techno Consultancy also has fixed price solutions for specific industries and professions including solicitors, accountants, design, print companies etc.

This has been provided courtesy of Techno Consultancy –, a Web Solutions, Web Hosting, Web Designing, Web Redesigning and other more services in London, UK.

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Multimedia Presentation Services and Solutions in

July 3 2008, 8:25 AM

If you're looking for ways to enhance your infrastructure, get a complex message across to a wide audience, engage your clients and influence their decisions, then multimedia presentations may be what you require.


Which areas of our company communiqué will advantage?


Interactive Multimedia Presentations at Techno Consultancy can have a positive effect in so many areas:


Make an impact with multimedia presentations.

Interactive multimedia presentations are an excellent method of providing high impact audio/visual communication with your audience.

Whether you use this to play at an exhibition or conference or sent to your customers by post, the results can be extremely impressive.

Incorporating video, music, animation and voice over in various languages, interactive multimedia presentations can be sent on a specially created Business card size CD Rom, or downloaded from your website.

TECHNO will work with you to scope the content required to ensure the communication of the right message.

We will then produce all the content, design the Biz card CD-ROM and packaging and burn the finished product onto the Biz card CD-ROM.

TECHNO has provided interactive multimedia presentation solutions to a range of clients.


Let TECHNO provide your business with the right Multimedia presentation solution that can be used for:


>> Product catalogues

>> Training, education & development

>> Exhibitions

>> Speaker support at conferences

>> Product or service demonstration

>> Press packs

>> Company results

>> Company brochures


TECHNO can design and build your multimedia presentation in:


>> Microsoft PowerPoint

>> Macromedia Flash

>> Macromedia Director

>> Our bespoke presentation builder


Finally, many presentation are developed specifically to run on an intranet or extranet.

Let TECHNO find the best solution for your Business.


HOTLINE 0208 570 6785


This has been provided courtesy of Techno Consultancy –, provides a Multimedia Presentations Services and Solutions in London, Middlesex and UK.

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E-Commerce Solutions and E-Commerce Business Solut

July 3 2008, 8:24 AM

If you want to build an e-business or take your existing business online, the E-Commerce solution can provide your business website with the tools and web hosting it needs. This complete, easy-to-use ecommerce solution, offers all the ecommerce functionality you need, including entry-level catalogue, shopping cart and real-time transaction processing, custom shipping tables, support for instant payment gateway solutions, and much more.


Whether you simply want real-time credit card processing or need high-end inventory management and sophisticated supply chain communication, the TECHNO BIZ solutions will meet your needs. Simply put, with TECHNOs BIZ solutions unique package of ecommerce software and business web hosting, it's easier to make money online than ever before.


E-Commerce Solutions offers complete front and back end technology to do business on the web. Specializing in Shopping carts systems and customized programming to distinguish your e-business from the rest.


E-commerce business solutions are developing quickly to keep pace with the demand of e-commerce businesses. Ecommerce development is an endeavor that proves to be complex if the business does not have all of the tools they will need to make their business successful readily available. The e-commerce business solutions on today’s market aim at providing businesses with a convenient way to establish an online store or business and to sell products online. So much goes into establishing an eCommerce site that many of today’s e-commerce business solutions make the task far easier than it was ever before.


Ecommerce is the conduct of business – mainly, but not exclusively, selling and buying of products and services– over electronic systems such as the internet and other computer networks. A wide variety of commerce at Techno Consultancy is conducted this way – entry-level catalogue, shopping cart and real-time transaction processing, custom shipping tables, support for instant payment gateway solutions, and much more.


This has been provided courtesy of Techno Consultancy –, an E-Commerce Solutions and E-Commerce Business Solutions in London, Middlesex and UK.

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Logo Design, Logo Brand Design London

July 3 2008, 8:19 AM

At TECHNO we know that choosing the right brand name is very important. That is why we assist your business in creating the best corporate branding image. Names or words have the ability to move people.


The TECHNO Brand service is a proprietary process created by the TECHNO Brand Team that, when professionally executed, delivers a clear and measurable competitive advantage to your firm. It does so by helping you establish a positive connection and value-relationship with your customer which, over time, will build brand equity and increase brand value.


Techno Consultancy creates professional logos design that make available instant recognition and position for your company or organization.


A Techno logo design is a sophisticated symbol epitomizing the philosophy of your company or organization and is part of its commercial uniqueness. Its slight suggestion of your products or services triggers the marketing progression.


A logo or brand is not only artwork. It is stand for your business, the significance of which cannot be overvalued. Your logo/brand design in London is your business asset.


The attendance of a logo design on business cards, documents, advertisements, brochures and websites not only improve the visibility of your company but provide the business a characteristic identity. At Techno, we offer professional logo design services at very cost effectual charge. Our team of professional logo designers enables you to get the most excellent possible logo design for your business purposes.


>> Stays in the memory of the target audience

>> Inspires customer confidence

>> Represents your business professionally


Let TECHNO help you find the right brand for your company.


Logo design service:


We will develop a Logo for you company within days.
(If we are developing your website then this service is FREE)

We will create an individual LOGO to identify your Business as a corporate sign.

This has been provided courtesy of Techno Consultancy –, a Logo Design Services and Solution in London, Middlesex and UK to identify your Business.

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E-Mail Marketing in London, Middlesex and UK

July 3 2008, 8:16 AM

The practice of sending customer newsletters by email is seldom seen as a way forward for some businesses. While some individuals think it can be annoying, many businesses find it a cost effective marketing tool. Email communications are often more effective than printed direct mail, because a reader can click on a link and go straight to the sender's web site.

How do you want to show your product being effectively promoted by our e-Mail Marketing programmed?
TECHNO can create HTML/Flash pages for your Product campaign in a matter of a day.
Let us show you how this EFFECTIVE e-mail marketing will help promote your business:

You send your e-mail ONCE, your client looks at it or even deletes it. You send it the second time; your client looks at it Reads it briefly then deletes it. You send it the Third time, guess what! The client reads it and actually takes note of your e-mail. Now, the next e-mail you send your message to the same client he/she will probably buy your product.

Email Marketing Strategies at Techno Consultancy That Effort - While the main use of email marketing is to make traffic to your web site, there are other significant reasons that email infrastructure should be used as part of your firm's marketing strategy. You should use them, and use them over and over again, to generate an effective largely marketing strategy, of which your emails are a significant part. Strategy One:


Email Marketing, A call to accomplishment is a Call - Email Marketing - A call to accomplishment is a? Call? Winning email marketing campaigns are a result of? Calls to accomplishment? That gets consequences. What results are predictable from an email marketing movement?


E-mail marketing, world's necessity - E-mail marketing can be tremendously helpful at serving to build a affirmative relationship with your clientele, however if fail to spot used it can be equally destructive. The trickiest part of e-mail marketing is building up a list of targets that will be involved in what you have to speak to them. An opt-in newsletter is an unbelievable way to create building trust and value between you and your goal market.


Email Marketing Profitable: On Keeping Online Businesses Profitable - This article covers an issue that has in recent times moved to middle stage--at least it seems that way. If you've been thinking you require to be acquainted with more about it, here's your chance. Since the arrival of the information technology, the Internet had been a precious service to a large amount people.

For a low cost solution to your companies e-mail marketing needs. Call our HOTLINE on 0208 570 6785 to see how best we can get results for you within days.

This has been provided courtesy of Techno Consultancy –, an E-Mail Marketing services in London, Middlesex and UK.

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